Most articulation elements don't work

• Jan 23, 2015 - 04:00

I've realized lately that things like trills, Prallpralls, Prallmordents, Tenuto ect. aren't working. I'm not sure if they weren't meant to work, or if it's a bug, but I definitely think this needs to be fixed in the next update. Everything else is fantastic, but things like this are things I would pay for.



What do you mean by "work"/ People are probably tired of me saying this, but if you mean they don't affect *playback*, it is important to remember, the primary purpose of MsueScore is notation. Playback is just a secondary thing it can also do to some extent. The markings you describe *work* just fine with respect to the primary purpose of MsueScore - the markings appear on your score for human msuicians to read. It is true that the playback portion of MsueScore does not support these markings yet. The playback features are gradually improving, but they are much lower lower in priority than the core notation features.

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