Trouble inserting notes in 2nd voice

• Feb 13, 2010 - 23:01

Hello, all--

First of all, as a new user I'd like to thank the developers for creating MuseScore. I've been looking for some time for a notation editor with good realtime playback. I've tried to use Rosegarden before, but it is very resource-hungry and hard to set up, and has a lot of features I don't need. MuseScore is just what I was looking for.

Anyway, I am writing my first score, using MuseScore 0.9.5 on Linux (Arch Linux, fully updated yesterday) and am running into a problem with note insertion. The song is 9 measures long and has 3 staves. I wrote the entire first staff (with one voice) and the first voice in the second staff with no trouble. Now I am working on the second voice in the second staff and am running into a problem: in one measure near the end of the piece, the first voice is completely filled with notes (i.e. it has no rests).

I am now trying to complete the second voice, and I need to enter a quarter note at the beginning of this measure. But I can't. Strangely, a quarter rest appears at the end of the measure, as if there were 4 beats before it (the time signature is 6/8). But there are no notes in the second voice in this measure. Still, when I attempt to add a quarter note at the beginning, it moves to the end of the measure in place of the rest, and the cursor advances to the next measure.

This is possibly related to something I did. I was working on the piece a few nights ago, and was getting sleepy so I don't remember exactly, but I think I entered some notes in that measure, saw that they were wrong, and deleted them. If so, then it appears MuseScore thinks the deleted notes are still there.

Any ideas as to what I can do?


It doesn't sound like normal behavior. Feel free to attach a copy of the score (or at least the section you are having difficulty with). That way others can see if there is a problem with the score.

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Thanks for the feedback. Well, I found, not really a solution, but a workaround. I exported the file to MusicXML, then re-imported it and saved to MuseScore format again. So, things are fine for me, but in the process I replaced the original file, so I can no longer post an example of the problem. Oh well, if something like this happens again I'll certainly provide a sample.

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