Possibly related to "Stem Missing" post.

• Feb 14, 2010 - 23:59

See attachment.

I tried to select the last 4 bars, which contain the bar with the missing stem and accidental. I was going to copy them to a new location and see if that fixed the problem.

I clicked on the first note at the top and shift clicked the last note of the next 4 bars Instead of just selecting the 4 bars the program, as you can see, selected to the end bar line.

Reloading makes no difference.

I'm wondering if the position of the last sounded note has something to do with that?


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The only thing I did was select just the 1st voice in the bass clef of that 4 bars. The box properly cam up selecting only that voice. I transferred it to a new location and BOTH voices copied. Then when I went back to delete and replace the offending bars, they were okay. ???


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