foto doesn't paste at all into windows

• Jan 27, 2015 - 00:39

I recently downloaded the Beta 2. Foto-mode no longer pastes to MSWord at all. Don't know about other programs. I use Word to create tests for my music theory students. I had to uninstall and re-install Beta 1, which does not allow ctrl-C in foto-mode, but can still right-click copy. I was told this last issue was fixed in Beta 2, but apparently not for me. Did I miss a bug fix?


It seems you might be one of the people seeing some version of what is described in We don't have any good leads on this yet; I'm guessing at this point a bug in the Qt libraries for Windows only.

Ctrl+C *does* work though - try pasting into other programs and you'll see. Somehow, apparently something is just corrupt enough about the clipboard to make some programs like it fone, others accept it but with a glitch, and other programs reject it entirely.

Meanwhile, I guess I you could also try pasting into Paint and then from there into Word, or saving a PNG file. But if Beta 1 works for now, that's fine too.

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