MP3 export bit-rate

• Jan 27, 2015 - 12:42

I think I detect slightly worse quality when listening to the MP3 files I export directly from MS, compared to exporting a WAV file from MS and converting it to MP3 using Audacity.

Audacity allows control over the MP3 conversion bit-rate, but unless I missed it MS does not. An MP3 file encoded by Audacity at 128kbps ends up as exactly twice the size of the equivalent MP3 file exported directly from MS; that suggests MS is encoding at 64kbps?

Is there some way to change the LAME bit-rate setting that MS uses?

[Currently using 03dc014 with Windows XP]



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64 Kbps is far too low, being equivalent to FM radio quality, which is gritty at best and downright distorted at worst.

Even 128 Kbps is a bit low - I can detect artifacts in high frequency sounds like cymabls and high hats with this encoding rate. (Or at least I used to be able to - sadly I have lost a lot of my highend frequency hearing over the last few years).

I always encode at 160Kbps which is enough to squash the file size considerably whilst maintaining a high degree of audio quality.

If we are going to set a fixed rate then it should be no lower than 128Kbps.

Incidentally when I tried exporting directly from a home build of MuseScore 2 development yesterday, the process hung and I had to stop MuseScore.

WAV export proceeded normally, however.

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