Calling for Google Summer of Code

• Feb 17, 2010 - 15:03

Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects. For the summer of 2010, the MuseScore developer team is looking for students who would like to work on MuseScore and meanwhile being mentored by a MuseScore developer.

When MuseScore gets accepted as a mentoring organization, Google will provide a stipend of 5500 USD per accepted student developer which is shared between the student and the mentor. Read on if you are interested to participate.

For those who are entirely new to MuseScore, check out this short presentation first. For the Google Summer of Code, you can make your own project proposal or select one from this list which will be updated over the coming month with some more information:

  • Add fretboard & tabstaff support in MuseScore
  • Extend the Qt Script based plugin framework
  • Implement a plugin manager in MuseScore
  • Offer self installable language packs on
  • Automated upgrade of MuseScore
  • Setup automated testing to improve MuseScore stability
  • Improve MIDI file import
  • Enhance the Audio Widget Library for better user experience
  • Improve playback to take progressive dynamic changes (crescendo, ...) and tempo (ritardando, ...) into account

For more information, read further on the Summer of Code website or read through this short pdf. You can get in touch with the MuseScore developers on the mailing list or the #musescore irc channel on freenode.

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Thank you for submitting "MuseScore" organization application to Google Summer of Code 2010. Unfortunately, we were unable to accept your organization's application at this time. We received many more applications for the program than we are able to accommodate, and we would encourage you to reapply for future instances of the program.

Best regards,
Google Open Source Programs

Next year better.

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