Extend selected note info/status

• Feb 19, 2010 - 00:21

this is my first post as a new (for last few daye) MuseScore user.
I like the idea that after selecting a note you can see its bar and beat in the status line (at the right lower corner). I wonder if this info could be expanded with note voice and duration (I know that the icons are selected in toolbar, still it could be useful) and pitch.



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Well, cluttering or not, as for me the most values can be read directly from the score it self, but the real velocity for a note is sometimes hard to figure out.

Using standard dynamics and several cresc./decresc./dim. hairpins ( with offset velocity changes ) between them can really get one lost in numbers.
The effective velocity for a note in the statusbar would indeed be very helpful, at least to me. ( am I alone?)
I guess it is the ear that should decide those hairpin offsets but knowing the actual velocity would help, a lot, to narow it down.
This might not have anything with score creation to do, but might help improve the playback.
In fact, thats the only thing I missing in this wounderful Christmas present, Musescore
I really appreciate everyone who develops and improves Musescore, you are gold worth.

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