No sound in Fedora 9

• Nov 12, 2008 - 20:05

Using mscore with i/o settings: "Use internal synthesiser" + "Alsa Audio"
I get:
Alsa_driver: the interface doesn't support mmap-based access.
init ALSA audio driver failed
init ALSA driver failed
no audio driver
sequencer init failed

Midi output does not work
Using JACK only does not work.
Using JACK + Alsa Audio does not work

Using Rosegarden works
Mplayer works
aplay works

Using mscore.exe through wine works though.


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I also use Ubuntu Intrepid and this option does NOT work for me. I get the playback toolbar and can begin playback but there is no sound during playback, however on opening the program there is an annoying buzz.

Also, I noticed in the Preferences dialog there were no options under the pulldowns for the Portaudio option. Do you have to keep the ALSA option enabled as well?

I'm trying desperately to remember which settings worked under Hardy because that version worked perfectly.

Thank you werner for your reply.
I have onboard sound (hw:0) and a sound card (hw:1).
There seems to be an issue that my default sound card (hw:1) is
not being saved on reboot. In the "Preferences" dialog -> "I/O" tab,
I check "ALSA Audio" and instead of "default" for "Device" I use "hw:1".

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