Text Frame issues in 2.0

• Feb 13, 2015 - 19:31


I'm having an issue with the Text Frame option. I am using Text Frames to add titles to movements of a suite, and have come across several issues.

1. The center- and right-justify don't work properly.
a. Create a text frame and add text
b. Click on the text, then Right-click and select Text Properties
c. Choose center justify or right justify and the text actually moves left!

If you set Center Justification as the default in the Style menu, the text centers itself around the left side of the frame instead of the middle of the frame. A similar thing happens when you select right justify - it right-justifies from the outside left of the frame instead of the inside right.

2. When you create parts, the frames are shown in the parts but the text is not.
a. Create a file with multiple staves.
b. Create a text frame and add text
c. Create Parts.
d. The frames are seen in the parts but the text is not.

3. Text Frame stops the upwards staff spacer from working.
a. Create a frame
b. Drag an upward staff spacer onto the staff directly under the text frame. When you drag its handle upwards it goes straight through the text frame and the staff does not move.

Adding carriage returns is a work-around, but some of them disappear when you click away from the text frame.

I don't think this has been added to the fault tracker yet.



These would be worth submitting, with sample score and precise steps to reproduce.

#1 might be a misunderstanding. The text *is* right aligned - toi the left edge of the frame. You can drag if to the right. You can also add vertical frames instead of text frames, add different *types* of text to them, place horizontal frames within vertical frames, etc. So chances are, whatever you are trying to do can be done,

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