An unique plugin that no longer works

• Feb 16, 2015 - 12:24

Musescore has an unique plugin that is the Check Harmony Rules.
There are very few softwares and/or plugins out there that does a similar job and, as it seems, none of them does exactly the same and for free.
But sadly it no longer works in Musescore 2.0.
That plugin is very important to begginners, amateurs and students who need to get familiar with some basic harmony rules. I used it almost all the time and I think that if it doesn't work on musescore 2.0 I'll have to keep using 1.3.
Can anyone, please, do anything to help it work in musescore 2.0?


I wrote a plugin for MuseScore version 2.0 aiming at providing (almost) the same functionality as harmonyRules by Yvonne Cliff. I did not port the original code, but rewrote it which seemed easier to do for me.

That means, there might be bugs in my version.
If you give it a try, please tell me about any problems you encounter or any suggestions you might have.

Get the latest version here.

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Thank you very much. I'm trying it right now. I wrote two staves with successive octaves and fifths, launched plugin manager and selected check harmony rules but I got no effect.
Is plugin manager not working or haven't I learned to use it?

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Thank you very much. Now it worked.
Your plugin is great!
I wasn't able to find if it has some bug yet. But I tried it on several scores I had checked with the previous check harmony rules for musecore 1. It worked in a very similar way and was also able to find some hidden 8ths and 5ths that the previous plugin could not.
Very nice! Thank you again.

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For the record, other plugins includes both the JS and the QML files so when a user download it, it will work on MuseScore 1.3 or in MuseScore 2.0. It's probably not the cleanest way but so far it works and users don't have to think twice which plugins they need to download.

Just a warning for Linux users:
Using Linux, at first, the plugin didn't work. In the plugin creator I got a message saying that qtquick was not installed. So I installed some packages called qtquick available on synaptic package manager and it's working fine now.

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