More space before grace notes

• Feb 17, 2015 - 10:02

Hi everybody,
how can i get more space before the grace notes (measure 14) in the upper line?
When i right-click the first grace note and use "properties" -> "add distance left" (sorry if words are wrong, i have the german transl.) it also moves the notes in the second line.
MuseScore 1.3


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Rather than thinking of that as more space *before* the grace notes in the top staff, think of it as more space *after* the ones in the bottom. After all, the ones in the top staff are right up against the notes they apply to, which is the norm. It's the ones in the bottom staff that are abnormally far away.

In 1.3, I'm not sure this can easily be done, but you could try adding additional grace notes in the bottom staff and making them invisible and re-enter the ones in the top staff to get them to line up. Or double click them and move them individually with the arrow keys. Either way, it would probably be pretty fragile (not surving other layout changes).

In 2.0, it's as simple as selecting the bottom staff grace notes and using the Inspector to move the left, then adding a corresponding amount of leading space so the grtace notes aren't pushed past the barline.

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