Use two versions?

• Nov 16, 2008 - 17:08

I am using 0.9.3 in Win XP Pro and the "play" function worked while I was writing, but upon opening later on, does not work anymore.
I saw someone suggested using the PreRelease vs, so if I download it, will it wipe out my current version? Can I use both, to make certain I don't lose songs and to compare them?


There is a bug in 0.9.3 that disables playback after changing the SoundFont. See the troubleshooting section of SoundFont for steps to fix this.

You can have multiple versions of MuseScore on your computer just make sure you install the new version to a different folder from the old version. If you install to the same (default) location it will replace the old version. This is mentioned on the installation page if you want more instructions.

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