Two Bars Repeat

• Feb 20, 2015 - 20:39

How can I achieve this in MuseScore 2.0 along with its playback?

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I did it but it's not very accurate. Could you just include the signs (for 2 and 4 measure repeats) and when you would place them, there would be no rests and the numbers would be over the signs. Playback would be great, but it's optional. Just the signs would be ok by me.

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Well, it's very very common in jazz & rock drum & bass parts, but realistically, extremely rare outside that world. I find it more effective to simply use slash notation and the word "simile". But FWIW, it shouldn't be that ahrd to do in current 2.0 builds. Click the existing measure rest, "V" to make it invisible, double click the symbol in the palette, then double click it in the score and press Ctrl+Down to move it down one staff space. You can add and position a number symbol the same way. A few extra steps the first time you do it for any given score, sure, but then you can copy and paste that measure (or just press "R" to repeat it) as much as you like.

As for adding native support for this, I would say it's unlikely for 2.0 - too late at this point for new features - but it is something I'd like to see addressed in some future release.

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@ KosrisP7
Create your workspace;
Enable editing palette;
Press "Z" (or Shift + F9), under "symbols" (very down in the tab) you will find the "Two Bars";
Drag it into the score;
Then hold down Ctrl + Shift and drag it into the palette for the next use.

Sorry guys if I come back on the subject (and for inaccuracies).

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