2.0 - SATB Score copy & paste for sheet music, overlapping notes

• Feb 21, 2015 - 16:50

Upgraded to 2.0 (a925ae0) - Using SATB score (used to export .mp3 learning tracks), copy & paste (building from bass-baritone, lead-tenor) into a piano, 2 staff (Treble clef & Bass clef), score to create sheet music with lyrics for the chorus. In the attached example sheet music, treble clef, the unison notes are separated. Is there an option to overlay the unison notes? I've also included the 4-part example FYI.

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For an extended passage like that, it would be more traditional to simply notate it in one voice. But indeed, in passages where there is a single doubled whole note among other notes, it is definitely correct to show them both.

Either way, hiding one of the two (select, press "V") works to force them to merge.

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I beg to differ Marc.

When writing for four part choir the voices have to be kept separate even when they are in unison.

If it is not notated that way then altos in particular get very confused, asking where their part is (yes it really happens).

FWIW the notation as laid out in the default Musescore 2 manner is technically correct with the semibreve unisons side by side.

Personally I think I would have notated this piece in 2/4 to overcome the problem of the look of so many unison semibreves.

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Well, maybe it's a context thing, but I see plenty of music where an extended passage is meant to be sung in unison and is set with only voice and an indication like "all", "unison", or "tutti". Whether it's technically correct or not I guess I don't have an opinion on.

But anyhow, definitely, except where one is *specifically* choosing to notate an extended passage this way (correct or not), and is making his intent clear, one should definitely show both voices clearly throughout. Which is to say, the default behavior in MuseScore 2.0 is absolutely correct.

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