Uploaded score listed part names taken from synthesized sound

• Feb 23, 2015 - 03:21

Not sure if I'm supposed to mention musescore.com score repository bugs here...

Example: http://musescore.com/user/142755/scores/351206 . I created a score with a voice part, namely Soprano. For playback under Display/Mixer I changed Sound to Flute, just because it sounds nicer than the synthesized voice. When the score is uploaded, the column on the right says that the part name is "Flute". The part name should be Soprano.

I tend to do this with most of my new scores, particularly changing Violin to Flute for playback. Not a big deal but it might confuse others who wish to use my scores when I upload the new ones.


Hey Mike, we are fixing this issue together with the 2.0 release. We will then reindex the scores to be correctly categorised. Thx for your patience.

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