Schubert Symphony #8 ("Unfinished") available on Soundcloud

• Mar 5, 2010 - 01:21

The MuseScore Symphony Orchestra conducted by ....... MRDLS!!



I enjoyed listening. You might want to check the oboe notes in the first movement, measures 304-306.
In the second movement 3:51 on SoundCloud sounds like a wrong note (although I wasn't able to find the corresponding note in the score)

I made some changes to the 2nd movement . I fixed the repeat of the exposition (the opening section) and changed the "contrabass" part to contrabasses.

The new .wav file is on soundcloud and the new .mszc score is attached here.


Attachment Size
Schubert Sym 8 1st Mvmnt.mscz 95.27 KB

Is there a version of the (revised) files that's more compatible with Muse2.0? I'd like to use these, if possible, as a basis for my own edition of the symphony.

Edit: Just managed to get them open in Muse2.0. Would I still be able to use them in my own edition of the symphony?

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