Copy and paste puts stuff in strange locations

• Feb 26, 2015 - 04:08

Running MS1.3 under Win7. Tried to copy a passage of about 21 bars from the first file attached.
1. Inserted 20 or so blank bars four bars after letter E to make room for the paste.
2. Copied all parts from letter A to letter E (21 bars if I counted correctly).
3. Pasted into the section of inserted blank bars.
Got the SNAFU file attached. Notice that entrances are all over the place, meaning endings don't line up, either. To my mind, this should not have happened. I don't know if opening this in MS2.0 would allow me to make this copy/paste properly; I'm waiting for the release copy. But even under 1.3, I still believe this should not have happened. Can someone tell me what I've overlooked?

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It should not have indeed, but there are known bugs involving copy & paste of passages contianing empty measures if certain unusual time signatures are involved - in particular, time signatures that cannot be represented with a single rest value. Eg, 7/4 is fine, because a double-dotted whole rest fills the measure, but 5/4 is not. Nor is 13/3.

BTW, your score was already corrupt before the copy - see measure 34-35, guitar parts. You may need to delete those measures and try again.

FWIW, 2.0 does the copy & apste fine, and it informed me about the corruption.

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Thank you, Marc. For one thing, I hadn't noticed the corruption in the guitar part. Deleting the content allowed me to copy up the bass line and transpose it up an octave; that appears to have resolved the corruption issue. And if 2.0 can handle the copy/paste with no problem, that begs a question: Any idea how long till the release version is out?

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