Loosing Lyrics

• Feb 26, 2015 - 19:18

Just noticed that it's possible to lose lyrics.

I have a piece where lyrics are attached to the first tenor voice. Suppose I see a note is incorrect , for example it's in the piece as an A but should be B. If I highlight the note and type B to correct it, then the note is changed to B but the attached lyrics disappear.
However, If I highlight the note and use the Up-arrow key, then the note gets changed and the lyrics DON'T disappear.

Just odd behaviour


Yes, typing a new note deletes the old one and replaces it, which kind of makes sense - after all, it might not even be the same duration. Arrow keys just change pitch.

It would indeed be nice if we somehow special-cased attemtps to replace chord with lyrics and stored away the lyric and reattached it tot he new version of the note. Meanwhile, though, you've found the way to get the the job done :-)

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