Note Entry - Change default Shortcuts

• Feb 28, 2015 - 16:57

To activate Note Entry the default shortcut is "N" and this cannot be changed. If the shortcut could be changed in the Preferences to the asterick "*" on the KeyPad (Mac separate wireless KeyPad placed at the left of the keyboard) note entry would be much faster using the left hand to activate Note Entry and change the note lengths with the left hand on the KeyPad and placing the notes with the Mouse in the right hand. A "Rest" could also be set to the number "0" on the KeyPad as well. Other multiple key commands for notation functions would also be facilitated using the left hand on the KeyPad.


What do you mean when you say the shortcut "N" cannot be changed? It can be be changed like other shortcuts, and it works on my system anyhow. Which version of MuseScore are you talking about? What went wrong when you tried to change it? Did you see an error dialog? Did the shrotcut get added to the list but just not work? There may be problems recognizing your keypad, can you try a different shortcut?

I don't think changing the defaults makes sense - many if not most users don't have separate numeric keypads. But you shoudl be able to customize things as you like, if your keypad is supported at all.

Also, it isn't clear if you are awarte that yu can enter notes without using the mouse at all - choosing durations and typing note names directly. This is almost always more efficient than any input method invovling mouse.

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