controlling volume of individual voices on same staff

• Feb 28, 2015 - 23:36

In order to create rehearsal mp3s for vocal music, I use the mixer to increase the volume of staff A and reduce the volume of all other staffs. I might also use a bright instrument for the dominant staff and something more mellow for the others.

Question: If there are multiple voices on one staff, is there any way to accomplish the same thing? Can I force voice 1 to be louder than voice 2, when both are on the same staff?



Another perhaps simpler method in 2.0 builds - select all on the staff (click first notes, Shift+Ctrl+end), then use the Selection Filter to exclude the voices you *don't* want to affect, then use Inspector to change the velocity.

Or create a second copy of the score that has each part on a separate staff (using the Selection Filter again to make it possible to copy and paste by voice) and generate your audio fron that.

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