Will I lose preferences, templates, workspace after 2.0 update?

• Mar 1, 2015 - 12:31

After I download the upcoming MuseScore 2.0, will my own preferences, templates, workspace etc. be lost or kept unchanged. If they will be lost, how can I save them or restore them. I use 2.0 beta 2. Thanks in advance!


You won't lose your own templates (or scores), you may lose preferences and workspace due to changes in RC/final vs. Beta 2, which may require a factory reset.

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If one has been using Nightlies consistently - and one has workspace and preferences customizations that one doesn't wish to lose - is there any compelling reason to download and use the upcoming RC or the subsequent official 2.0? What would be the downside to continuing to use Nightlies instead?

I'm not sure if my question makes sense! I guess what I mean is wouldn't the Nightly on, for example, the date of either the RC or the official 2.0 release be functionally equivalent? With no loss of customizations?

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