Invoking a plugin

• Mar 3, 2015 - 13:47

Executive summary: In MuseScore 2.0, how do I actually invoke a plugin like "colornotes"? I've associated a shortcut (ctrl-shift-c) with colornotes in the plugin manager, then selected several notes and pressed "ctrl-sh-c", and nothing seems to happen.

As a start towards bringing the "ShapeNote" plugin into MS2.0, I thought I'd try to look at some examples. I've viewed the code for the "colornotes", and tried to use it as described above, but the notes do not get colored.

As a related question: suppose that I edit "colornotes" (using Plugin Creator) bit by bit as a way to experiment with writing plugins. What do I need to do to invoke my edited version? If I save my edits and press ctrl-sh-c, will it invoke the newly edited version? Or do I need to do some sort of reload, or restart MS2, etc.?

In short: how do I get started using plugins and editing them?


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For those like me who aren't used to the system, here's a little more detail: to the left of each plugin name in the plugin manager is a rounded square icon, which turns out to be a checkbox; clicking on it produces a checkmark, and once you've done so, your plugin will appear in the plugin menu (or a sub-menu of it). By selecting that item in the menu, you cause the plugin to be run.

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