Hands up for investigating possibilities for a on-line browser version of MuseScore (à la NoteFlight)?

• Mar 13, 2010 - 10:56


I want to investigate the interest and the possibilities for creating an on-line renderer/player and/or editor for MuseScore files. The project could be described as a open-source combination of
- NoteFlight (http://www.noteflight.com/scores/demo/) with the backup of a solid desktop version, and an
- interactive version of ScoreRenderer/Lilypond with playback possibilities...

Possible goals:
MuseScore file-compatible rendering and playback engine for implementation in various browserembeddable applications, such as
- Snippet render/player - lightweight renderer/player for embedding musical examples/snippets in a web page
- Full score renderer/player/editor - full page view version of MuseScore
- Any thinkable music application such as ear-training programs etc...

Target platform:
Flex/Flash/Actionscript (or Air/JavaFX/Silverlight - whatever would serve the purposes best. Flash platform i the most spread anyway...)

Possible consolidation steps:
To make this project possible, we have to do the following (I guess):
1. Find out that there is a real interest and need for this project
2. Form a core group of devoted developers that can contibute with a) knowledge about the existing MuseScore code and algorigthms, and b) knowledge about the target platform implementation
3. Get Werners blessing, init a git/svn and start coding! :-)

What do you think? Willing to contribute in some way?

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