disturbing click as triangle aftertouch

• Mar 5, 2015 - 08:05

Dear Muse score developers and users.
here is my problem:

muse score version 1.2 revision 5470 windows 7 32 bit

on linux I have a different version. where I did not notice this disturbing problem. We all know what a triangle is supposed to sound like. Each time I need a metronome, I simply create a new instrument,
and choose triangle, insert the rhythmic values, and it works, as good as any metronome. Except if I actually want to use it or enable others to get some more experience of what a polymetric triangle pattern is. The clicks are simply unacceptable disturbing for public performance.

On the other hand:
this one works very well. For this type of music muse score is
second to nothing. Please note: no disturbing clicks.

I play recorders, soprano, descant alto treble recorders. The fipple flute from the middle ages.

When I need a triangle, muse score appends a nasty click.

I always use the version I started with, and I will only upgrade if necessary. It is not the latest version, but if you can create 4 bars with a triangle and confirm that the problem is no more existent, then I will upgrade. It may also be a user error, something with the sound fonts or mixer or whatever. Some instruments has this problem. I also noticed that the castanuelas, or castanets only has one pitch. I play castanuelas and the left hand is some microtones lower pitched then the right hand. Also the golpe is a third sound, castanuelas can produce. But for time keeping and as a basic idea of castanuela patterns, muse score is good. I did not notice any disturbances with castanuelas.


MuseScore 2.0 Beta 2 and the nightly builds come with a built-in metronome. 2.0 RC and Final are just around the corner, to be released this month.

If your Linux version (which is it, 1.3 by chance?) doesn't have the issue, isn't that a good enough indication that you'd need to upgrade your Windows version?
Also this may depend on the soundfont you are using, so which is it?

You have run into a known problem in MuseScore 1.x where the noise gate in Fluidsynth closes with an audible click on some sounds. These are usually short percussion sounds such as castanet, wood block etc, but it can also be heard on some staccato notes, and in bars which end with a rest.

The solution is to upgrade to MuseScore 2 which is due for release later this month.

In the meantime try out a nightly build or the latest MuseScore 2 beta.


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