MuseScore, no sound or no midi with Jack and a2jmidid

• Mar 6, 2015 - 09:31

I have a question. I put many hours in it, but cannot get it to
work. First, I use version 1.3 fo Musescore in Linux (Debian Studio Tango 2.2
distribution). But in the latest version of Ubuntu Studio I encountered the
same problem..

First of all, I use Jack with ffado (because I have a firewire soundcard;
m-audio profire 610) and use a2jmidid to connect to my midi-devices. So far no problem.
That setup is working fine. In Qjackctl I use the D-bus interface. That is necessary to find a2j midi in MuseScore.

Problem: If in Musescore I select Portaudio and the Jack Audio Connection kit, then I can
select a2j and then I have midi-input. But I cannot combine this with the
selection of Jack Audio Server, which I also need to produce sound. It's one
or the other. So, either I have sound and no midi-input, or I have midi-input, with
no sound.

Can someone please help me out.


I have the same problem. It looks like you can select only one option at the 'internal synthesizer' setting. Otherwise non of both is working. I believe in Ubuntu 14.04 (don't know which version of Musescore they used) it was possible to select two together (for the sound server and the midi-input) and they worked both together (if they do not collide). I also can select one now (see attachments). In one case I have sound, with no midi-input. In the other I have midi-input, with no sound, just like you said. I can imagine that's rather annoying and very unhandy to work with. I am not sure if it is in Debian Wheezy 7.5 (which Tango 2.2 uses) or in the newest version of Ubuntu (14.04.2 Trusty Tar) or if it is in the newest version of MuseScore (1.3). You might try to uninstall and install an older version of Musescore. Maybe that helps. But the technical guys at MuseScore must pay some attention to it, so it will be solved in time, because if it does not work with the newest Ubuntu or Debian versions then they will have to deal with it sooner or later.

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