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• Mar 19, 2010 - 16:13

Hi all

First of all i would like to say thanks for such a good notation software.

The only things i miss are the note symbols for the basic conga hits(heel, toe, bass, open, muffled, slap) which are essential for writing conga sheet even for the most simple rhythms such as calypso or cumbia.
Although the symbol standards are not yet specified, all of the conga sheet i met are the same in the symbol of
open tone(basic note symbol) and the
slap (a symbol of 'x' same as some percussion notes).
The heel is usually noted with a triangle downwards or ///in the case of some traditional cuban lessons in which the heel is played always as a bass/// is the same as the bass tone (empty circle).
The toe or tip is usually symbolized with a triangle upwards or a half-circle upwards( like letter 'C' turned 90 degrees right).
The muffled stroke is usually a horizontal thickened line (like _ ) in some cases i saw it as an angled symbol turned 30-45 degrees left.

I've met another form of conga notation in which the types of strokes were written under the notation line like RB-right bass, LS- left slap, etc.

Thank you and have a nice day :)


Could you attach a picture of the right noteheads?
Next version of MuseScore will support more noteheads. You may find what you want in it. See attachment.
You can try [[nodetitle:Comparison of stable, prerelease, and nightly builds|a prerelease or a nightly]] of version 0.9.6

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I attached a sketch about the basic notes(heel, tip, bass, open, slap, muffled) and also another different and more expanded notation system from Birger Sulsbrück's old instructional book.. I want to remind you that there's no uniformized conga notation so almost everyone uses his/her own(even my teacher uses a different system). But i will surely give you a word if the situation changes. Thank you for your reply and help.

P.S. i can send you more types of conga notations if you need some more.

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