Colouring individual notes

• Mar 9, 2015 - 21:57

After I change the colour of a note (using Right click and selecting colour - say, red) which is very long-winded as the note head, stem, beam and accidental all have be changed individually, I save the file: but when I next load it, one or more of the elements, eg the accidental, has reverted to black. Am I doing it incorrectly?


In version 2.0, you will be able to set the color for the whole chord at once simply by selecting the whole chord (so a box appears around it) then using the Inspector.

Sounds like maybe you are talking about 1.3 since you mention right click; color is no longer set that way in 2.0. And I couldn't reproduce any problems with save/reload in 2.0 either.

Does that answer your queston? :-)

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Thanks Marc

I have found that there is indeed no problem now in correctly saving and reloading the colour alterations using 2.0.
However, I can't seem to find the solution to changing the colour of the note head, stem, beam, tie, dot, and accidental in one go rather than having to change the colour of each element individually. Can you tell me specifically how to do this - it would save me hours!
(Note: I am only concerned with individual notes rather than chords.)

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"Chord" is MuseScore-speak for the notehead + stem + dots + accidental etc. Doesn't matter if it has one note or seven. So you do want to select the "Chord". There are many ways to select in MuseScore; anything that results in a blue box around the "note" (actually chord) you want will work. So, shift+click with nothing selected, or click then shift+right then shift, or shift+drag, etc.

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