Crescendo in tremolo and notes from different measures beamed together

• Mar 11, 2015 - 18:30

Recently, I found that MuseScore 2.0 does not support crescendo and diminuendo properly when the notes have tremolo lines (listen to the first four measures in the attached file, especially the half notes).

Moreover, MuseScore supports notes that are in two different measures to be beamed together, but when the measures are in two different rows, you can see in the attached file that there is a bug here (I made the beams orange so that it is easier to see). The notes in measure 9 and 21 are both eighth notes if you wonder.

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Hmm, I hear it crescendo just fine from note to note, just not *within* each note. That's not terribly surprising, since single note crescendo isn't supported - even if technically, it *could* be made to work in this case.

As for the cross-system beaming, yes, that's a known issue - see #16278: Beaming notes over barlines and line breaks. I've tried hard twice (including a while this past weekend) to find a way to fix this without a major rewrite of the beam code, but no dice. It will probably have to wait for another release, I'm afraid.

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