Changing Instruments after part is written

• Mar 22, 2010 - 02:30

So I wrote a clarinet duet but mistakenly had the first part as Tenor Sax. I want to change the Tenor Sax line to Clarinet, but don't know how. I've tried a couple diferent ways, I changed the text from Tenor Sax to Clarinet, but that didn't do anything. I tried a couple other ways to no avail. I really want it as clarinet because otherwise the midi sounds really messed up.


Assuming you are using version 0.9.5 the best way is to add a clarinet (Create > Instruments) copy the notes from the Tenor Sax (Edit > Copy) and paste them on to the clarinet staff (Edit > Paste). Then go back to Create > Instruments and remove the Tenor Sax staff.

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