Broken "Display note values across measure bar" (2.0 RC)

• Mar 17, 2015 - 12:41

This option in: Style / General / Score / Display note values across measure bar (EXPERIMENTAL, early music only) seems to be broken in 2.0 RC for Windows (since 2.0 beta 2). It was working fine with beta 1 though.

After switching this option ON, the displayed values (length) of notes going across the bar are getting extended beyond their initial value. Switching OFF the option does not change the displayed length back to original value.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. create any tied note going across measure bar
  2. tick the option in Style / General / Score/ Display note values across measure...
  3. press "OK" button
  4. click any note in your score
  5. press ESC

I have attached an example showing 3 bars before and after turning this option to ON.


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