Courtesy accidentals

• Mar 18, 2015 - 08:34

"Courtesy accidentals" incorporated plug-in would be very helpful. I thing the version 1.3 had it (not incorporated, but as plugín). I hope there will be one for 2.0 also :)


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I thinkl by "exactly", the question is really, what should the rules be for when a courtesy accidental is applied. Different editors have different ideas about this. Some only include them in the very next measure, some check up to the next logical break, some check all the way to the end of the piece. Also, some consider same octave only, others conside diferent octaves as well. And some use parentheses, others don't. I think ideally, a plugin would need to be configurable. but my choice for defaults would be next measure, same octave, no parentheses.

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> my choice for defaults would be next measure, same octave, no parentheses.
.. , and same stave

My vote would go to this as well. It's the most unobtrusive for a default while still being incredibly useful. If there is possible confusion then you can still add an explicit accidental in the other octave or whatever.

I'd rather have an unconfigurable plugin than no plugin, but I think many people will want different rules. It might be asking for a bit much, but eg working as an accompanist I often need to refer to other parts so for example if the soprano line has a sharp, I'm inclined to mistakenly sharpen the tenor line as well... but if you start going into that, then how do you deal with a situation like an accidental in one stave that isn't matched with another , eg a false relation.

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