• Mar 18, 2015 - 21:35

I cannot find a way to put a cut time sig in one instrument and a 6/8 sig. in another instrument. Does MS not allow this?


It's not the best tested and the most solid feature... You can drag and drop a time signature while press shift. Better to use a recent nightly since Marc has worked on making the support a bit more solid today.

For 6/8 and cut time (2/2).
You can experiment with Time Signature Properties (right click on the time signature to display the properties dialog). See attachment - playback even works.


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Actually, I disabled creating these via time signature properties, because too many people were creating them without meaning to, not realizing that this was what would happen. Ctrl+drag is the supported way to create these "local time signatures". And as lasconic says, it's pretty experimental. My guess is it probably worked better a couple of years ago, then didn't keep up with all the changes. I did fix quite a few issues with this feature just yesterday, but it's still no foolproof. And it won't work with linked parts at all. But it does do the job if you don't ush it too hard.

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