View both clefs from a MIDI input file

• Mar 19, 2015 - 09:11


I'm rather new to Musescore, so hopefully this is a simple fix that I'm just not finding. I imported a MIDI file of the piano portion of a song to view it on sheet music, but inside Musescore all of the notes are placed on the treble clef. This means that about half of the notes are way below the treble clef, making it prohibitively hard to read.

It seems like there should be a checkbox somewhere that says "use both clefs" which places any note two bars beneath the treble clef (or lower) onto the bass clef, but I haven't found anything like that yet.

If you need any other specific information I would be more than happy to provide it. Thanks in advance for the help!


It would have been better if the MIDI file was already separated into two tracks, so as it is, it is going to be impossible to get this right, but it is possible to have MuseScore at least guess. You don't say which version of MuseScore, but I'm assuming 1.3 or earlier. If so, then it doesn't really know piano music is normally written on two staves, but if you right click the staff and choose "Split staff", it will try to make a guess as to which notes to put in which staff. it won't be a very good guess, I'm afraid. For 2.0, as far as I know MuseScore should be recognizing that the MIDI is for a piano and should automatically be creating two staves I think, and should do a better job of guessing which notes go in which staff. if you are finding otherwsie, I might be wrong that this happens automatically, but the import panel at the bottom of the screen should give you options to control details like that.

If this doesn't help, please post the MIDI file in question and say which version of MuseScore you are using.

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