2.0 XML compatibility with older Sibelius versions - not our problem?

• Mar 20, 2015 - 13:20

Hi all,
I was working with a client who works with Sibelius 6.1 and I happened to be using Musescore 1.3.
Interchange of sheet music via xml worked fine until I saved one sheet with the 2.0 RC.
Sibelius complained that the version of xml was too new and offered to open anyway, but they didn't do that for some reason.
So I assume that sometime in the last years Musescore started saving in a new version of the format.
Is it simply the problem with old sibelius not supporting newer versions of xml or is there some hack that we can make(like changing a version number to trick sibelius into thinking that it can handle our files)?


You can try to trick Sibelius. Save at MusicXML uncompressed and change the version in the header and the score version in the score tag.

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