2.0 RC issue - Staccatissimo direction incorrect

• Mar 21, 2015 - 18:54

Select measure 3 of Vn2 in the attached file, copy and paste to Alto Flute part.
The direction of the staccatissimo in the Alto Flute part is not correct .

I also noticed some other issues, but could not reproduce them.
- concert pitch was not correct after copying a large number of measures from Violin to Alto Flute
- some slurs were lost after similar operation
I will report again if the issues reappear.

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It looks like you explicitly set the direction of that articulation to be "Down" - you can see that in the Inspector. If you want it to position / orient itself automatically, you need to leave it at "Auto". So you can simply select it in the alto flute part and reset it.

I didn't set the direction explicitly, but the original file was made with 1.3
(or maybe imported a Music XML file and saved with 1.3, I don't remember) .
I confirmed that the direction could be corrected by Layout - Reset .

Maybe the other issues I mentioned were also because they were made with 1.3 .
(I have tons of music made with 1.3)

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