midi keyboard input issue

• Apr 2, 2010 - 15:33

i'm trying out the new 0.9.5beta2 in windows7
i toggle the midi input button to on.
select a measure (blue box) and play a note. nothing shows on the score.
then i press n to switch to note entry mode. then play the same note. what is printed on the score is the note i previously played plus the new note.
in other words, the notes are being inputted even if not in input mode, but they aren't displayed.
i also succeeded in making the program crash by playing with this bug.


Do you have [[nodetitle:How to report bug or ask for support|steps to make it crash]] ? The note entry "buffer" bug should be solved in the last [[nodetitle:Comparison of stable, prerelease, and nightly builds|nightly]]

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