Better tuplet entry

• Mar 22, 2015 - 19:58

(Bug also listed here (48681) )
When needing to add a tuplet, the current procedure is to choose the duration, then select the right Tuplet from the Notes menu. The problem is that, though MS will auto-select the next note duration down (preparing the score with rest marks of the right tuplet), it doesn't reselect the original duration when finished. This means if you need another tuplet of the same duration, you have to re-select manually the original duration then re-select the right tuplet, and the next duration down is auto-selected. This can be confusing when you have to enter several odd tuplets in a row. Most of the time if another tuplet is to be entered, it won't be for the shorter note.

Also when finishing a tuplet and entering directly a new one, the new tuplet will be applied to the previous (selected) note, not the note under the entry cursor. Tuplets should be applied to the note under the cursor, not the selection.

Either the original duration should be auto re-selected after the original tuplet is entered, or the tuplet choosing should be a flag, so that all notes that are entered after the tuplet type is chosen, will be of that duration until the tuplet flag is explicitly turned off. In the latter implementation, if a tuplet is not finished, but the tuplet flag is on, the user is prompted as to how to resolve the tuplet (use the last note as a tie to finish the tuplet, plant a rest of the correct tuplet duration, cancel and continue the tuplet entry, or remove the original tuplet durations).

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