Breaks for page turns?

• Mar 22, 2015 - 19:59

For you orchestral instrumentalists, where in a score is a good place to set a "page-turning" break. I've heard comments similar to, "the score is lovely, but this is a horrible place to turn the page." Obviously, it's a layout issue.

An informative link will also help.


You could use the multimesure rest if there are to place your page breacks
With montage a instrumentist can't have more than 4 page in a roow on the sheet stand (and generally 3 is more parctical to read, and edited printed music is only 2-(1) page before turns)

you could set page turn also beetween each movement if they aren't played without pause.

Usually string players have one stand for two, so one can stop playing to turn the page (as they have less multimesure rest generally)

This page has information about typesetting and further links:

The points relevant to you are:
- Repeats should not cause backward page turns.
- Musicians with stringed instruments (e.g. violinists) often share a music stand with a partner so that one person can continue playing while the other turns the page. Page turns in string parts should take into account where it is not feasible to lose half the section sound.

Generally, good places to have a page turn are places where:

- There is not much happening (or, for a keyboard instrument, little enough that the pianist can get away with using one hand).
- There is nothing unexpected about to happen (tempo changes, notes much higher/lower than the previous one, another instrument joins in a multi-instrument score, etc).

As well as inserting page or system breaks, you can also use Stretch to try to squeeze more bars onto a page and reduce the number of page turns. Simply highlight a range of bars and go to "Layout --> Decrease Stretch". You may have to make some trade-off between having fewer page turns and having those turns in good places.

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