error transposing chord name to Eb-instruments

• Apr 4, 2010 - 17:44


windows xp pro
Nightly 2931

Create score with flute, alto sax, tenor sax, and baritone sax.
Insert whole note C ind flute, exit note entry, select the note, press ctrl+K and write chord name C.
Double click the bar and copy (ctrl+C)
Paste the bar in the other 3 voices.
Result: the notes are transposed correctly, but the chord names in the Eb-instruments Alto and Baritone are transposed to D (like the tenor sax) but should have been A.



...further to above subject.

also problems copying to trombone.
Add a trombone to the score and copy the flute to the trombone. Note is correct but chord should not transpose to D but remain on C.

And more: Select the bar in tenor sax with the notated D and chord name D and copy it to any other bar in any instrument, EVEN ANOTHER BAR IN TENOR SAX, and chord name is changed to Db.


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