• Apr 5, 2010 - 04:54

I'm running MuseScore 0.9.5 revision 2012, on MacOS 10.4.11

In the playback mixer the pan controls don't seem to do anything. (When I put them all to one side it still comes out of both speakers left and right.) Was this ever fixed in a later version? Has anyone noticed they don't work?


Pan does work (including version 0.9.5).

If you want the sound to only come out of one speaker you also need to turn reverb all the way down.

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OK, tried that. Still not working. No matter what I do, the sound of the instrument comes out of both left and right channels. I've tried headphones; I've tried speakers. And I verified it by adjusting the balance to only one side at a time in the System Preferences. Even though pan is set all the way to one side, I hear sound no matter which side I set the system pref balance to.

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I turned the other effects off. That's all I tried.

I do notice that pan does alter the left-right mix, but I would have thought that if I pan all the way to an extreme (extreme right for instance), that sound should be completely absent from the left channel, and that's not what's happening.

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