MuseScore uninstall fails if original MSI is no longer available

• Mar 24, 2015 - 18:54

So this is annoying as hell. Ok, not a fault of MuseScore team, but come on...
You provide an MSI to download, then people usually don't store installers for ages...
And actually now I cannot install the 2.0.0 release, as the beta cannot be uninstalled.
So please make it possible to uninstall MuseScore without the original installer file.


Ok. We have 3 reports of this issue now. But I can't reproduce. We didn't make it on purpose of course... You should be able to uninstall MuseScore beta or release without the original package.
So can you tell me exactly what you did and what doesn't work?

What works for me:
- Install beta 1 or beta 2 (rename MSI packages)
- Install RC - it uninstall automatically beta 1 or beta2 (rename RC MSI package)
- Install 2.0 - it uninstalls automatically beta1 or beta2 or RC.

If I rename any of the MSI, and go to Add/Delete software, I can uninstall MuseScore.

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I have a similar problem. I downloaded the installer into my downloads directory (default location). But when I run the installer, I get the message "Installation directory must be on a local hard drive." The installer is defaulting to C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\ so I have no idea why it aborts saying the installation directory must be on a local hard drive.

I should point out that I do not have the beta installed, only MS1.3 (which is in its own directory). And FWIW, the downloads directory is on the same drive (not the same path, of course). Any idea what's wrong here? Thanks.

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lasconic: With respect to the link, I tried that, deleting almost everything in the Temp directory as per the instructions. Still can't install MS2; still get the same nonsensical error message. Open to suggestions, since apparently others are installing it (and having other problems; but that's another thread or six).

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@lasconic: I found a different article that seems to have described my problem. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I'm running Windows 7, although the link on the MS home page does specify that the d/l is for Win7. However, the problem appears to be that the msi file requires administrator privileges to run (or at least it does on my machine); and it's not that simple to run an msi as admin. MSI Installer Error: “Installation Directory must be on a local hard drive” gives these directions for running an msi as an administrator:

1. Locate your installation file and remember the path to it. Let’s say I copy my installation file to C drive and its name is “LAN Access Control.msi“. So, the path to it is “C:\LAN Access Control.msi”
2. Press Windows key to bring up the menu, and then type cmd.
3. A tiny black DOS icon will show up in your search box. Now, right click on that and choose Run as administrator
4. Now you are using Command Prompt in Administrator mode. All you have to do is to run MSIexec command MSIexec /i [path to the installation program]
For example, my path to my LAN Access Control.msi is such above. So I type as follows: MSIexec /i “C:\LAN Access Control.msi”
5. Press Enter and you can start installing your program

By substituting the path to the MS msi file, this method enabled me to run the installer and start using MS 2. Yay! Now the fun begins!

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