add descending interval shortcut missing?

• Mar 25, 2015 - 13:40

Hello! Is that true about "add descending interval shortcut missing"? Before it was Shift + number, but now, in 2.0 version there is no shortcut?


Yes, the default shortcut has been removed because it was causing conflicts on some keyboard layout. You can set them again in Edit -> Preferences > Shortcuts > Add a XXXX below (with XXXX the name of the interval)

Ok, I suppose it's like that. Now I would like to add a shortcut by myself but when trying to type "May+2" I get ".. How can I lock the keyboard to be able to put "May+2"? Thank you! P.D. Anyway, these descending shortcuts were very useful.. :/

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Is "May" something you literally want to type, or is that the translation for Shift in some language? Anyhow, simply press the actual key - don't try to type the *word* Shift or its translation. So, simply press the shift key and the 2 key simultaenously. On my keyboard at least, what actually shows is "@", because that is the symbol above "2".

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