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• Mar 26, 2015 - 17:34

Hi - I've just installed Musescore v2.0, having used Sibelius 2 on XP quite happily for years (but my XP computer just died). My MIDI dummy keyboard worked fine for that; I used "step-time" input. I have connected the keyboard via USB to my Win7 laptop and it is recognised by both the computer and the program, but I can't get any response when I press the keys. I've tried various settings in the I/O tab on preferences, and restarted the program each time, but no luck. Can anyone suggest how I can get this to work? I'd be seriously grateful!!


Its a bug this started in 1.3 where it would say no note selected when trying to input notes using the piano keyboard. Now it just won't input anything. I have gotten it to work by turning off the program unplugging the keyboard the plugging it back in and starting the program. I have also gotten it to work by just clicking the midi option as seen in image on and off really quickly while pressing the keyboard. Still MidiOption.JPG this bug needs to be reported. If it has great if not let me know.

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It's a documented fact that the keyboard needs to be connected and turned on *before* you start MuseScore. If you follow that simple step, it should work. If you have some case where it doesn't work for you even though you have connected and turned on the keybaord before starting MuseScore, then there is indeed a bug, but it's not one I have heard about.

So if you have precise reliable steps that always reproduce a problem in some particular case even though the keyboard was connected and turned on before starting MuseScore, then indeed, you should report the bug. Please be as specific as possible, saying what model of keybaord and how it is connected, and listing all steps you are taking including exactly when you plug in your keybaord, when you power it up, when you start MuseScore, and exactly what steps you take after that, because the bug will apparently depend on some combnation of those details.

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The Keyboard has Always been plugged in and on before. The problem is the midi does not always work and the proper steps are always taken. This has been happening in 1.3 but that one actually gave the error no note selected. I will post once I find reference to the problem someone mentioned in 1.3 and link to that one as well and see if its already up. Here is the 1.3 post. http://musescore.org/en/node/25235 Also here is another one with a smiler issue. http://musescore.org/node/9932 I do QA for a living and know that it can be a pain to have two or more bug reports of the same thing. If you know the bug and know its up let me know if not I will upload one and will link to these two in it. Thanks.

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