Score hiding behind palet

• Mar 28, 2015 - 20:28

I have a new pc since last week, I downloaded ms 2.0 on windows 8. when I make ascore every time it scrols to an other line the score moves al the way to the left side of the screen partly hidig behind the palets.
I worked with ms since 9. something and the last version was beta 2 with windows vista, I never had this problem before. today I was ath a friend of mine, I had some scores on a memory stick, we downloade ms 2.0 on his pc also windows 8, threr it was working fine with the same scores


I am guessing you accidentally undocked the palette so that it is now floating on top of the main window. Simply drag it back where it belongs, wait for the docking area to appear, and release. This worked the same in previous versions, BTW. You probably just never accidentally undocked the palette before.

The "Revert to factory settings" will work too.

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