How to get the default Style?

• Mar 31, 2015 - 19:59


I just made my first Score with MuseScore and it's grait tool.

I changed the default style to get the desired format of my first score.
Now I wish to create another Score, but with default Style.
How can I get default Style back?

Regards, from Paul


When you say you changed the default style, do you mean you went to Edit / Preferences / Score and entered the name of a style file in the "Style" box? If so, simply erase the name of that file.

I'm guessing that isn't what you mean, and maybe you just chewnged the style of the score you were creating, using the options in the Style menu. If so, then you don't have to do anything - those changes only affected that score.

If you mean something else, please provide more details.

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Thank you for the information.
Indeed, I was unclear in my post, I apologise for that.
I used the Style menu to change the Page settings in my first Score.
But, I don't realise that that every new Score has the default Style / Page settings.
I find now the default settings for the Page and reformatting my first Score so now I'm satisfied with its default format.

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