Can I vary the number of systems

• Apr 15, 2010 - 12:33

I wonder:
Is there any way to vary the number of systems in the same score?

Say, I'd like to have a two-hand piano notation of an intro, but for the rest of the score I only need a bassline with chord-text above. And maybe there is a bridge in the middle of a piece that also needs two systems, but of course I don't want to fill page after page with empty staves for the rest of the song.
I hope there is a way, otherwise it can be regarded as a request of a future feature.


btw I'm using the portable version 0.9.5 (on WinXP), but I don't think that makes any difference.


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Thanks for your reply, but it does not solve my problem.
It only hides empty staves when all staves are empty, but not one out of two empty lines, as for example the right hand piano, when there is only notes in the left hand. Is that a misbehaviour of my installation?
Hmm, am I clear?

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