Giant text when printing to PDF

• Apr 17, 2010 - 08:48

I am running the prerelease version 2811 of 0.9.6
on Windows XP

I have duplicated this issue on two similar computers, with both a self-created score and the demo score.

When first running Musescore, the demo file displays normally as shown in one of the attached screencaps.
Going to File - "Save As..." and saving the demo as a PDF produces a normal pdf file which looks fine.

However, if I instead go to File - "Print..." and print to "Adobe PDF", it generates the attached pdf with giant fonts and weird circular notes.
Not only that, but then the fonts in Musescore immediately change to giant size as well. (shown in attachment)
If I then close the demo and reopen it, or any other score file, the fonts are still giant.

If I close Musescore completely and then restart it, the demo comes back up looking normal again.

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muse_demo2.png 213.59 KB
muse_demo.png 166.11 KB
demo.pdf 30.54 KB


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