Notes not there being played?

• Apr 5, 2015 - 09:58

I have a piano partition (only treble clef though) that sounds like it is playing tones that are not there. I think I had the tones that hear in the sheet earlier but not anymore. This might be an imagination but I have a spectrogram that I think shows tones that should not be in the in there.

I have attached the musescore file (doesnotsoundcorrect.mscz) and a screenshot of the partition (.png) just in case. I have also linked to an exported ogg vorbis (.ogg) file that demonstrates what (I think) sounds like added notes higher than the notes already existing. I have also added a spectrogram (made using Audacity).

Ogg Vorbis hosted externally.


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I understand what you say, I do, but looking at the spectrogram I wonder if Yamaha Grand Piano has more overtones in some notes. If I change the instrument to Harmonica (that one has its own "problems") I definately hear that the D major chord only has D4, F#4 and A4 and not a D5.

I will try out more instruments.

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