I cannot Load any project ive worked on, Please Help.

• Apr 19, 2010 - 16:23

I've just started using the software, i think it's great but after i'm saving a project, and trying to load it, i get these errors:



I'm sorry I accidently pressed the save instead of the preview. Anyways, ive tried to uninstall and reinstall in a diffrent drive, doesnt work, what can I do in order to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi thanks for replying, i kind of dunno what is MSC, can you please explain? i didnt install anything besides the normal installation.

i cant open any project, even the sample ones, so i dont know if it makes a diffrence, but ill upload something

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Hey david, i uploaded it before but i can upload any file that i save cause i get the same error message for all of them for some reason.

i tried to revert to factory settings as mentioned in the link but that doesnt work either, im gonna try and install the software on my brother's computer hopefully it'll work there but if there is any other solution you can think of, i would really appreciate it... thanks.

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Hey guys i found a solution! i always tried to open a project from the file itself from the desktop but when i load from the software with CTRL+O it works... it's still annoying but thats cool now!

thanks for the help

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