Cannot edit palletes in Linux Mint 17.1

• Apr 10, 2015 - 19:46

After installing MuseScore 2.0 in my Linux Mint 17.1 MATE O.S., I cannot edit for instance the Fingering palette. Selecting an item and trying to modify it, 'clear' and 'properties' are greyed out (not lit up).
How can I change this?


Same with Mint 7.1 KDE The contextual menu of base palettes has all its lines greyed, with the exception of the save command

The palettes in the main palettes don't have contextual menu, which is normal, I think.

That's true for both 2.0 and 2.1 last nightly.

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The main palettes are meant to not be modified. If you wish to modify them the,, you must press the "+" button at the bottom to create a custom workspace for your changes. This should be the same on all platforms. It still isn't clear to me if you've done this. Workls fine for me on both Windpows and Linux.

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To be perfectly clear:

Yes, you can modify the palettes. You simply have to create a worksapce for your modifications first - that is what presisng the "+" at the bottom of the bottom of the palette does.

MuseScore provides two predefined workspaces. One is called "Basic", and it is the one you see initially. It contains only a limited subset of the available elements for each palette. The second is called "Advanced". It contains a fuller set of elements. I think most of us probably would want to switch to "Advanced" first time we start MuseScore and never look back.

If you are in either of the two default workspaces, palettes are not customizable. Customizations are saved to a workspace, so you need to create a workspace for your customizations. Again, that's what the "+" button is for.

If the Handbook is not clear about this, then it should be updated. The whole customization mechanism was in flux during much of the 2.0 development cycle, so this particular section may have been written at a time when the process was different.

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although I cannot exactly remember how I did this, but in one of the threads I started in the past concerning (right hand) fingering for classical guitar, I managed to modify the "Advanced" palette without having to add a customized one.
That is the reason why, in my Windows 7 computer, I can still modify this if I wanted to.

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Perhaps it was possible, at least prior to September 2014, to modify the built-in workspaces / palettes.

where the following is mentioned:
'One thing that has changed recently, I think - you need to first create a workspace (edit / workspaces) before palette editing is enabled. I guess so you don't accidentally overwrite the built-in workspaces.'

Maybe this explains the change.

P.S. Concerning the past, it is as Thomas said ...

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